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Outside Turkey, the work of attorney Arif Ali Cangi for a “nuclear free world” has been recognised. One of his most recent cases for a “nuclear free Turkey” involves the villages of Kesir Jörprübasi/Manisa and Kisir Söke Aydin. In the 1970s and 1980s the Turkish government prospected for and mined uranium across the country. Near the first village the government authorities established a facility where uranium ore was turned into yellow cake. Later the contaminated site was abandoned without any safety measures. The local population knew nothing about the hazards they were exposed to. (1). Source: Ejatlas…

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The Sinop (İnceburun) Nuclear Power Plant is a planned nuclear plant located at Sinop in northern Turkey. It will be the country’s second nuclear power plant after Akkuyu The deal for the project was signed between Turkish Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe on May, 2013, in a similar manner with the Akkuyu project. The expected cost of the project is US$22 billion. The project will be carried out by Atmea, a joint venture consortium of Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and French Areva (Earlier contacts was made with Canadian company CANDU). Furthermore, French electric utility company GDF Suez will be in charge of the operation of the nuclear plant, expected to start electricity production at…

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The first nuclear power plant (NPP) of Turkey will be constructed in Akkuyu locality situated within Buyukeceli towns borders in Mersin Provinces Gulnar District. The license of the NPP was obtained 36 years ago. The construction work of the NPP has been commissioned to Rosatom, a Russian state-owned company, through a direct intergovernmental agreement and without a tender process. The NPP is not wanted by two-thirds of the Turkish population and 80% of the people living in Mersin. Especially after the Fukushima accident, the project leads to preoccupation due to high risks and the regions proximity to earthquake fault lines. Additionally, due to the high cost of nuclear energy, long construction time, fuel import dependence and the close association of…

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