Case Type: Fossil fuels

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Taşzemin Co., a private company, is carrying out the permit processes for a 200 MW capacity coal plant and an open pit coal mining project right in between Çırpılar and Villages in Yenice (Çanakkale) alongside the Ida Mountains, rich in terms of biodiversity. The coal mining site is 845 hectares of forest and agricultural lands. 820 hectares of the sites is high quality agricultural soil. The villagers are actively running agricultural business and exporting vegetables abroad. There are irrigation investments going on in the site which will increase the agriculture revenues per hectare by 2,5 times. However, according to the design of the project, the plant will use the water of the irrigation investment to cool the plant. There is…

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The residents of Bayindir (south east of Izmir) are concerned about the ‘Mersinli Wind Farm Project’ which would rise very close to the village and comprise a rapid confiscation plan concerning  lands and properties nearby. The subject matter is not limited to the lands, properties and adjacent forest; but it also puts public health as well as animal health at stake. The villagers in return opposed the project, claiming they haven’t been consulted at any point and the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report cannot be valid. The regional court ruled out the report on the basis of residents’ allegations but the company, Yander A.S. appealed the decision and validated the EIA report with some minor amendments. As of today (2017),…

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● Electricity 


A thermal power plant has been proposed in a forest area of 50 ha closed to Begendik Town. Within the scope of the current legislation, the absence of legal barriers and use restrictions around the project area was instrumental in the choice for the thermal power plants location. The plant will generate 9 billion kW electricity annually. It is planned to join the generated electricity to the 380 kilovolt Hamitabat Habibler line via a 25 km line. The coal will be transported via 150.000 ton capacity ships. In the coastal zone of the power plant, a port or jetty suitable for ships of this size will be constructed. The thermal plant will harm the biodiversity through forest destruction and regional…

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