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Two different and interrelated arrangements are planned for Taksim Square. Pedestrianisation is planned at the square by taking the roads underground via tunnels. Yet the placement of ramps in such an important urban public space would prevent pedestrian use and actually make entrances to the square difficult, opponents claim. The square has a very important role in urban memory (especially for demonstration meetings) that could not then be organized because of the entrance difficulties. It was also planned to build a model of the pre-existing Taksim Halil Paşa Artillery Barracks as a shopping mall on the present Taksim Gezi Park area. As a result of destroying probably the only recreation ground in the city centre and turning it into a…

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The sweetgum tree (Liquidambar orientalis) spreads across Turkeys south-western region and is an endemic tree species limited to Southern Aegean and Rhodes Island. Usually found in groups or as individual trees along streams and in areas with high water table, the only place where this species forms actual forests is Koycegiz. However, sweetgum forests total area decreased from 6.312 ha in 1949 to 1.348 ha in 2011. The main reason for this is the conversion of their habitat through cutting the trees or other drying out methods for citrus plantation as the soils where they occur have high water table and are suitable for agriculture. Currently, the remaining sweetgum forests are too fragmented and risk extinction as their characteristics for…

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