2019 Industrial

Yalova VOPAK Chemical Storage Terminal

It is a project aiming to establish a storage terminal for 35 different types of carcinogenic, mutagen, inflammable, explosive and ignitable chemicals, herbal oils, petroleum and petroleum-derived products in 150 tanks with a capacity of a 710.000 m3 each. The terminal is planned to be established on a delta with dangerous alluvial and pervious based fault lines in a location as close as 1 km to the North Anatolian Fault Line near Taskopru region of Yalova with a population of 150,000 people living around 40 km2. Royal Vopak, a Dutch multinational company, stated that they wish to create new import/export opportunities in Turkish chemicals market, but the terminal location is next to a chemical production factory owned by Aksa Acrylic Chemical Inc. with annual capacity of 50.000 tons/year acrylonitrile (inflammable carcinogenic chemical). There is also a coal-fired thermal power plant with the capacity of 645 MW inside the factory area. The risk not just a chemical one but it is also thermo-chemical in case of a natural disaster.

Source: Ejatlas