2019 Water Management

Tortum Bağbaşı HES

Kayen Heta Electricity Production Inc. began planning for a hydroelectric power plant construction in Bagbasi town of Erzurums Tortum district in 2009 and got its first HPP licence on 09.06.2010. Local people organized opposition demonstrations in order to get their water access rights back and prevent the negative effects of the project on local flora and fauna. During these protests 6 people were arrested and sentenced for 6 months. The first nationwide demonstration was on 05.09.2011. After the police and gendarmerie intervention to the HHP protest on 26.09.2011 15 people were banned to make contacts with other HPP protesters. As a result of these, Bagbasi Mayor resigned from his party on September 27th. Once again the project was stopped by DSI (State Hydraulic Works) inspection team upon the complaint made by Bagbasi Municipality regarding the companys disposal of excavation waste to the local stream.

Source: Ejatlas