2019 Infrastructure and Build

Third Bridge and North Marmara

The 3rd bridge over Bosphorus (or as officially called “Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge”) is a bridge and interlinking highways project in the northern part of Istanbul on the Bosphorous, between Garipce and Poyrazkoy villages. There are already two bridges on the Bosphorus connecting the two continents (Asia and Europe). Th plans for thhis third bridge project has first come up in 1993 and has ever since encountered an increasing number and variety of opponent groups. The current project was not subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment according to the Turkish Environmental Legislation since it was claimed to be a nationwide strategic project which was already planned before the EIA legislation came into force. During the decision-making process people who would be directly or indirectly affected by the project have not been consulted.  The project will have huge ecological impacts on Istanbul’s Northern areas where some of the most important wetlands, forests and water basins of Istanbul are located and it will exacerbate population pressures while doing nothing to relieve urban transportation. In fact, privatization decision is taken for 71 immovables in İstanbul by High Council for Privatisation and 2000 decares of land in the city will be zoned for construction. Also it is estimated that it will re-direct transit traffic which constitutes a mere 2-3 percent of total traffic. Many NGOs and in particular The Union of Chambers of Turkish Architects and Engineers objected the project which has been conceived as a private auto-transport focused solution for a giant metropolis like Istanbul. Opposition has culminated in the 2 million Istanbulites campaign organised by environmental organisations and the Green Party in Turkey to stop the construction, in tribute to the approximately 2 million trees to be cut down to make way for the third bridge. Despite these, the last bridge deck was installed in March 2016 . In August 2016, the bridge, named Yavuz Sultan Selim, was opened with a ceremony.  IC İçtaş-Astaldi JV will operate the third bridge for 10 years 2 months and 20 days. Treasury guarantee worth of 135.000 car tolls per day are granted. This Treasury guarantee is an evidence that the public bears the costs of the bridge.

Source: Ejatlas