2019 Biodiversity

Kocaçay Delta

Kocacay delta, situated 25 km north of Bursa Karacabey, is on the southern coast of Marmara Sea. This delta is particularly important for the habitat due to the lagoons, flooded forests and wide sand dunes formed where Kocacay meets the sea. The area includes two shallow lagoons, namely Dalyan and Arapciftligi. The south side of the delta is lined by hills covered with deciduous forests. The areas coastal section is frequented by the locals as a day-trip destination. The land between the lagoons and the hills is used for agriculture. Flooded forests and wetlands are being used for grazing animals. Fishing activities in the lagoons is an important source of income in the area. Other land uses include woodcutting, sand extraction and collection of wild plants.

Source: Ejatlas