2019 Ores and building materials extraction

Kışladağ Gold Mine

Kisladag Gold Mine is the largest gold-mining operation in Turkey. A total of 10 million tons per year is expected to be extracted with an expected 15 years of mine life. The mine will produce 240 000 ounces of gold per year at full production capacity. Kisladag is located within the boundaries of the province of Usak, Izmir (180 kilometers to the west) and Ankara (350 km north-east). Usak city center is the closest to the project site, being at 35 km northeast. The protests started in 1999 at both local and national level. However, despite the protest by EJOs, the mine succeed to pass a positive EIA in 2003, and in 2006 the mine began to be operational.

Source: Ejatlas