2019 Ores and building materials extraction

Finike marble and stone quarries

A murder case on 10th May 2017 made headlines in Turkey. It took place in a village of the Mediterranean city of Antalya. Aysin and Ali Büyüknohutçu, a couple, were cruelly shot dead in their countryside house. They were highly involved in politics, and very well known for their environmental and consumer rights activism. Büyüknohutçu was best known for his activism and lawsuits against stone quarries in Finike and the rest of Antalya, in addition to being the chairman of a tenants’ rights association and a consumer rights workgroup within the Antalya City Council. With the help of locals and environmentalists, the Büyüknohutçus had been fighting against local stone quarries in Finike’s Alacadağ, Gökçeyaka, Kızılcık and Adala villages, which are located among centuries-old cedar and pine forests. In return, the couple experienced constant harassment related to their activism, according to their friends’ accounts.(1). For the past 6 years, they were leading both a civil campaign and a lawsuit against destructive stone and marble quarries in Finike, a small agricultural district. The adverse environmental effects of open pit mining and particularly of those in Antalya to the agricultural fields hit the headlines now and then. Over the course of the campaign the couple managed to shut down the operations of a marble quarry, owned by a company called “Bartu Mermer”.