2019 Ores and building materials extraction

Efemçukuru Gold Mine

Efemçukuru Gold Mine, an underground gold mine and related plants and facilities, is located in Aegean Region of Turkey, 20 km to İzmir city and 14 km to Menderes province. The mine is located inside the strict preservation zone of the rivers and streams that supply water to Tahtalı Dam and Çamlı Dam. The deposit was first discovered on early 1990s, afterwards a licence was obtained and initial exploration activities were conducted. After the initial license and a positive EIA report allowing the mining of 2,5 Million tonnes of gold, the mine started to operate in 2011, despite the protests from both the local Elele Movement and NGOs from İzmir. In 2012, not long after the start of operation, the company filed for a new EIA for increasing the capacity of the mine from 2,5 to 8,5 Million tonnes and received a positive report. EGEÇEP (Aegea Environment and Cultural Platfrom), İzmir branch of TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) and TTB (Turkish Medical Association) filed a court case for the cancellation of the positive EIA report for capacity increase. In september 2015, the court decided on the cancellation of the report. However, the mine started to working long ago, and is still operating. Efemçukuru Gold Mine creates life-threatening risk for İzmir, the third most populated city in Turkey. In parallel to the court case for the cancellation of the EIA report, another case is filed against the urgent expropriation (with a legally determined monetary compensation) decision regarding the vineyards of certain villagers, for mining purposes. In December 2016, the local court decided against the expropriation decision however the company took the case to higher court and the decision is still pending.

Source: Ejatlas