2019 Biodiversity

Bafa Lake Nature Park

Located in the southeast of Buyuk Menderes River Delta, Bafa Lake is a shallow lake whose deepest part is 21m. 12.281 ha Bafa Lake is in both Aydin and Mugla provinces. Feeding from Buyuk Menderes River, the Aegean Regions longest water course, Bafa Lake is an alluvial dam of low salinity. The lake was formed 2000-2300 years ago through silt carried by the Buyuk Menderes River disconnecting it from the Aegean Sea (Kasparek, 1988). As a result of Soke Plains rising from alluvial deposits the lakes level rose above the seas. Except for its Western and Northwestern sections, the lake is surrounded by mountains. From where the lake opens to the plain towards the West, it is reported that excess waters reach the Buyuk Menderes River through a 3-5 m wide and 3 km long channel (Balik and Ustaoglu, 1989).

Source: Ejatlas