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Rusatom Overseas is a company within the Rosatom State Corporation Group. It is responsible for promotion of the integrated offer for Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and Centers of Nuclear Science and Technologies (CNST) construction projects in the international market. Today, the Russian nuclear industry is equipped to ensure full support of national nuclear energy programs at all implementation stages and offer to its customer countries a wide range of products and services aimed at development of their nuclear power sectors.

The first nuclear power plant (NPP) of Turkey will be constructed in Akkuyu locality situated within Buyukeceli towns borders in Mersin Provinces Gulnar District. The license of the NPP was obtained 36 years ago. The construction work of the NPP has been commissioned to Rosatom, a Russian state-owned company, through a direct intergovernmental agreement and without a tender process. The NPP is not wanted by two-thirds of the Turkish population and 80% of the people living in Mersin. Especially after the Fukushima accident, the project leads to preoccupation due to high risks and the regions proximity to earthquake fault lines. Additionally, due to the high cost of nuclear energy, long construction time, fuel import dependence and the close association of…

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